As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, new research shows more than half of households in Swindon are using less water to save money on rising energy bills

The research released by Thames Water and YouGov reveals that more than half of adults have taken action to reduce the amount of water they use this year.

Eight in 10 of those who have cut their water use said saving money was their main motivation to use less water.

It reveals 72 per cent of adults in Swindon are cutting back by turning the tap off when brushing their teeth, 66 per cent are only putting the dishwasher and washing machine on when they are completely full 27 per cent have finally fixed a leaky toilet. 

But Thames Water says that there is still an opportunity for households to bring down their bills further by taking some simple steps to reduce water use.

Andrew Tucker, water demand reduction manager at Thames Water, said: “We know that times are tight for many households at the moment, and we want to make sure all our customers can get the support they need.

"Heating water for showers, baths, taps and appliances adds up to be the second biggest part of the average household energy bill. Some simple, straightforward water-saving actions can have a significant impact on bills, saving hundreds of pounds a year - and helping protect the environment, too.”

He revealed that if a family of four reduced their shower time by just one minute, they could save up to £45 on metered water bills and a further £52 on energy bills every year.

Turning off taps instead of keeping them running when brushing your teeth or doing the washing up is another good way to save money. 

Fixing a leaky toilet and waiting until a washing machine or dishwasher is full instead of doing half-loads is another step in the right direction.

Mr Tucker added: “Most water suppliers provide help for vulnerable households and I’d urge anyone who’s struggling to pay their water bill to find out what support is available.

"For example, low-income households in the Thames Water region can register for discounted tariffs through the WaterHelp scheme, which provides a 50 per cent discount if your household income is below £16,480 outside of London and below £20,111 in London. More than 270,000 households have already signed up."

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