GRASS banks identified as a rewilding site will be cut down after complaints from residents.

Wroughton Parish Council's Flora and Fauna Working Party, which includes residents, parish councillors and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust had identified the Priors Hill patch as part of a biodiversity trial along with other locations around the village.

They hoped to see see how these areas can rewild and support insects and bees while maintaining mowed visibility areas to ensure safe vehicle movements.

But because people have complained the council will strim the area on Wednesday (June 15), but are keen to identify and trial other sites next year which could be left to rewild and monitor.

Drivers will be unable to park on the site on Wednesday.

The parish council also said: "Please do have a look at our wildflower planting trial on the right of Church Hill as you approach the Parish church.

"We have extended the area this year and planted more wildflower seeds and are hoping for a magnificent display again this year."

The Wroughton Parish Council are urging anyone to contact them for suggestions of sites within the village which might be suitable for new sites to trial and left to rewild.

To do this, contact