SWINDON Borough Council will run the town's household waste recycling centre and the transfer station where rubbish collected from the doorstep is held.

The move will mean a saving every year of £200,000 – but that is offset by costs of £300,000 this financial year to effect the changes needed.

Until this year the Waterside Park plant in Rodbourne Cheney was run by Public Power Solutions – a private company wholly owned by Swindon Borough Council.

As well as the recycling plant the company ran the recovered solid fuel plant, where household waste was dried and minced and turned into industrial fuel.

But the company lost the contract to handle that waste to Viridor earlier this year. The doorstep waste that was turned into fuel is now shipped to an energy from waste plant in Bristol.

The council has always been in charge of collecting both recyclable and non-recyclable household waste in Swindon.

With PPS’s main source of income cut off, the council will take back the functions of running the recycling centre and handling the waste collected to be shipped toff by Viridor.

PPS will continue operating, mainly concentrating on solar power generation.