Low paid won't have sympathy for rail strikers

My fellow correspondent is quite correct to point out that Mick Lynch's RMT Union disaffiliated from The Labour Party in 2004.

This action has not stopped the Union from supporting individual MPs, and it certainly has not persuaded Labour shadow ministers from offering support to the RMT strike action.

I guess Swindon residents on salaries of £30,000 or less will have little sympathy for rail staff where the median wage is almost £45,000 and many are paid in excess of £50,000.

I'm old enough to remember when the working class were poor relative to management, and the Trades Unions fought passionately to bridge the gap.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


Economy heading for high unemployment

Once Inflation reaches 9 per cent it gains a momentum of its own which is very hard to stop.

Interest rates should have been increased about two years ago to grind Inflation out of the system and that could have resulted in a soft landing.

In the current situation the British economy is heading for a hard landing which must inevitably involve high unemployment.

Boris Johnson must take responsibility for the sluggish government response to rising inflation and the consequential misery that high employment will bring upon the British working class.

Steve Halden

Beaufort Green


Council staff behind jubilee party success

I was invited to a reception at Marlborough Town Hall for we volunteers who helped at the margins to make the great Marlborough Jubilee Street Party such a very great success.

The Mayor said something kind like "we couldn't have managed it without you all".

But the truth of the matter is that the real heroes of that wonderful 3000-strong gathering were the officers of Marlborough Town Council.

I was on the planning committee for that event, and I saw that the amount of work done by the Clerk Richard Spencer-Williams, Deputy Clerk Clare Harris, Tourism Officer Belinda Richardson, and their team on the Council was just remarkable.

None of those thousands of people who attended can have any idea of the sea of work they did behind the scenes to give us such a wonderful day.

Heroes all.


The Earl of Cardigan

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