DAYS after being appointed Swindon Town head coach, Scott Lindsey spoke to Adver Sport and shared some interesting non-football facts about himself, including his hypothetical alternative sporting career, what he would do if he was Prime Minister for a day, and his surprising choice of favourite radio station.

AS: If you were involved in any other sport, either as a player or as a coach, what would it be and why?

SL: As a player, I really enjoy paddle tennis. There’s a place, Bassett Down, that we used to go to last year – me, Ben Garner, Ben Chorley, and Scott Marshall – and we used to play for an hour. I absolutely loved it, it’s brilliant. It’s a really good workout, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I’ll go with paddle tennis.

AS: If you were to go on TV quiz show Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be?

SL: *After some considerable thought* Capital cities.

AS: Have you got any hidden talents or a party trick you like to wheel out?

SL: Karaoke.

AS: What is your song of choice?

SL: Mustang Sally by Mack Rice. Me and Steve Hale went to Portugal with Forest Green a few years back, and he videoed me singing that. He sends it to me every now and again.

Swindon Advertiser:

AS: What is your favourite inspirational quote?

SL: You only get out of football what you’re prepared to put into it.

AS: What is your dream car?

SL: I’m not really into cars, if I’m honest. But I’ll go with a Ferrari, a nice red Ferrari.

AS: Who is your hero?

SL: Kenny Dalglish. When I was growing up, he was just the player, the guvnor. He was brilliant, a great player, and had a real presence and aura about him with the red Liverpool shirt with number seven on the back. I had that as a kid, and he was my hero.

AS: What is your biggest fear?

SL: I’m not great with heights, so I’d say a fear of heights. I’ve gone dizzy sitting up here (in the directors box)!

AS: Radio station of choice?

SL: Classic FM is my pick. I listen to a fair bit of Classic FM, but I’ve got a real mixed bag with the music. In my car, I have Classic FM on – I’m not even joking, I do – because it chills me out and calms me down. You can think better with a nice bit of classical music on in the background.

AS: If you were Prime Minister for a day, what would your first policy be?

SL: I would get rid of the congestion charge. It limits you so much. I’ve been into London a few times during the summer, and you think: “shall I get the train or drive? It’d be easier to drive and I know where I can park” but you can’t because of the congestion charge.