A SERIAL offender has been ordered to go under alcohol addiction treatment after she stole wine from a convenience store.

Nina Austin had just finished her licence period after being sent to jail for a string of thefts.

But on Saturday (June 25), she entered Co-Op on Cricklade Road, near Moonrakers Roundabout, and stole a Las Moras Pinot Grigio bottle of wine valued at £7.25.

She was also found in possession of cannabis, a Class B drug.

Austin had been held in custody since her arrest on Saturday.

Swindon Advertiser: Nina AustinNina Austin

Swindon Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday (June 27) that the 43-year-old took the wine “because she’s an alcoholic”, and that she did have the money to pay but took it anyway.

“She… had gone back later to pay, but she’d already stolen it,” her advocate, Liz Highams, told the court.

Ms Highams added that Austin “didn’t realise” she had cannabis in her back pocket at the time.

Austin, who finished her licence earlier in June following a custodial sentence for stealing from Greggs, Tesco, Aldi, JD Sport, has not taken drugs and is being treated for her heroin addiction.

“She says that she wants to move her life in a different direction,” Ms Highams said, telling the judge her client wanted an alcohol treatment requirement.

Having pleaded guilty to both charges, District Judge Joanna Dickens said Austin had a “terrible, terrible record”.

“I’ll give you a chance of doing the probation order. It’s not easy this order, but you do have to make sure you do it.”

Austin, of Common Hill, Cricklade, was given a one-year community order, during which she must take part in six months of alcohol treatment and ten rehabilitation activity days.