A driver on the M4 was stopped by police last night after she was found putting on makeup while driving.

Wiltshire Specialist Ops revealed on Twitter on Tuesday night that the RPU stopped a driver on the M4 who was putting on make-up while driving.


They said: "RPU were out today in force and one of the first stops was a driver applying makeup at the wheel whilst driving on the M4!!

"The driver appeared to have too much blusher on after our ‘compact’ interaction. You just can’t ‘make it up’."

Answering a comment, they also said: "We did ‘slap’ a Traffic Offence Report their way, they tried but they couldn’t ‘conceal’ it, it had the ‘foundation’ of a good stop check."

If you are found guilty of careless driving a court can impose between 3 and 9 penalty points, or even be disqualified from driving.