Here is a selection of five dogs at Saving Needy Dogs that you could give a forever home.

SN Dogs helps raise awareness and attends to the care of dogs while they wait to be reunited with their owners, sent to a rescue space, or be rehomed.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them, go to the SN Dogs website for more details. 

You can also sponsor or foster any of their dogs or fundraise and donate to the charity's vital work.

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Adopt a dog from Saving Needy Dogs


Swindon Advertiser: Meet Freya. Credit: SNDogsMeet Freya. Credit: SNDogs

Gender - Female

Age - Not available

Breed - Mixed breed

Freya is a gorgeous mixed breed looking for a forever home - could it be with you?

She is a playful girl with tonnes of energy with the mind of a hunter, always with her nose to the ground.

Freya loves to chase birds and butterflies and is very alert but she is very responsive to commands.

Find out more about how to rehome Freya.


Swindon Advertiser: Meet Mickey. Credit: SN DogsMeet Mickey. Credit: SN Dogs

Gender - Male

Age - Young adult

Breed - Crossbreed

Mickey is one of 5 siblings who were left behind after his owner died.

Saving Needy Dogs has already rehomed Polly, Barney and Arthur and Burtie is currently reserved.

All of the dogs have been a little shy, but the sanctuary says they are very sweet and loving.

Find out more about how to adopt Mickey.

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Swindon Advertiser: Meet Gimli. Credit: S N DogsMeet Gimli. Credit: S N Dogs

Gender - Male

Age - 3 years old

Breed - Large crossbreed

Gimli is a gentle giant that is looking for a forever or foster home.

He loves to play with both humans and dogs.

After a failed adoption, Gimli has become reactive on walks so he needs a patient owner who can walk him away from heavy traffic and too many people.

He is fine to be left at home in an adult-only home.

Interested in rehoming Gimli? Find out more.


Swindon Advertiser: Meet Bambi. Credit: SNDogsMeet Bambi. Credit: SNDogs

Gender - Female

Age - Not available

Breed - Mixed breed

Bambi is a gentle lady who loves to stretch out on her blanket and sleep.

She is a bit nervous around groups of people especially wary around younger children but she is also comfortable being left at home for short periods of time. 

Her new home can have older children and she can live with cats that are used to dogs.

Learn more about how to rehome Bambi. 


Swindon Advertiser: Meet Fluffy. Credit: SNDogsMeet Fluffy. Credit: SNDogs

Gender - Female

Age - Not available

Breed - Mixed breed

Fluffy is an adorable ball of fluff that suits her name looking for a forever home to call her own. 

Rescued from Turkey, she is now looking for a warm home, preferably with women since she gets scared fairly easily. 

Her new owner will need to be patient as she settles in but she has a very sweet nature so is worth the wait. 

Fluffy is looking to live with a calm dog or cat and while she is okay with children visiting, the sanctuary would prefer an adult-only home.

Find out more about how to adopt Fluffy.