OUR report on a nighttime closure order at Bridgemead retail park following a car meet that drew up to 500 fans, prompted reminiscences and some support for the enthusiasts.

The order was granted on Monday after the court heard drivers were using the car park to do doughnuts and were a nuisance to the community.

It means only staff, contractors and emergency services can go in between 8pm and 6am.

Here’s what some of our readers said on social media...

Lucy Maull: “Can someone not offer them somewhere to meet?

"Seems like it’s a constructive hobby.”

Michaela Johnston: “In my day it was the College car park.”

Becci Jayne Taylor: “Michaela Johnston Lydiard Park for me.”

Andy Hubble: “Michaela Johnston. Often referred to as the PP. Playpen, happy days.”

Jonathan Zippo: “Kids will be kids, at least they’re not sat glued to a TV screen.”

Wyatt Tait: “Really don’t understand the issue. They are not causing a nuisance as non-resident area and at least they are focusing on harmless fun.”

Debs Brown: “Wyatt Tait the noise carries and it travels so the screeching of rubber and revving of engines carries. It can go on past 1 some mornings.”

Emily Eyre: “Wyatt Tait I used to work at one of those shops, the rubbish left behind, damage and drugs were awful, wouldn’t be cleaned for hours.”

Sally Mayo: “I’m impressed they can afford the petrol.”

Colin Macey: “Send down to Brean Sands, there’s plenty of room on the beach for their little cars.

Amy Singer: “It’s a drive but you should come Milton Keynes most weekends if you want a decent meet.”

Connor Rose: “Would you rather give them a car park for their fun or for them to do it on the road.”