Over 240 drivers have been caught speeding through Highworth over the last few days.

With the Royal International Air Tattoo on this weekend, thousands of people would've travelled to the Wiltshire air base, with many using the town as a through-route. 

Highworth Community Speedwatch set up its cameras and was shocked by how many people they caught breaking the speed limit over Saturday and Sunday. 

172 drivers were picked up by their speed cameras as breaking the speed limit on Sunday between the hours of 5pm and 8pm, and 70 from the day before.

On Sunday 13 drivers were observed to have been going over 15mph faster than the 30mph limit. 

In a series of posts on Twitter the group said: "Over 70 drivers travelling home through Highworth after the Air Tattoo on Saturday felt the need for speed.

"They will be receiving a letter from Wiltshire Police as an extra memento of their day."

It added: "172 drivers will receive a letter from Wiltshire Police after choosing to speed through our town after the Air Tattoo between 17:00-20:00 yesterday, with 13 deciding 45mph+ was acceptable in a 30 limit."

The Air Tattoo took place on July 15, 16 and 17 with 170,000 estimated to have attended.