Swindon Borough Council has announced plans to reduce the speed limit one of the town's busiest roads.

The council wants to reduce the speed limit on the A3102 for 120 metres in an easterly direction from the Blagrove Roundabout.

It is currently a national speed zone with motorists being able to do 70mph.

However, the council want to reduce the speed limit to 40mph all the way down to the Mannington Roundabout.

The council said that a Road Safety Audit of Mannington Roundabout highlighted safety concerns with the lack of a vehicle restraint system in the central reservation of Great Western Way to reduce the risk of collisions where vehicles cross over.

“This stretch of highspeed dual carriageway with no vehicle restraint system in place is an area where drivers are at high risk of fatal or serious injury if a vehicle was to cross over into oncoming traffic,” it added.

Swindon Advertiser:

The Road Safety Audit of Mannington Roundabout has also identified that more safety features are needed with a vehicle restraint system needed on the westbound nearside verge and the central reservation.

Justifying the decision SBC said:"By extending the existing speed limit on the approach to Blagrove from J16 M4 and therefore reducing the speed limit from the current 70mph down to 40mph to a point east of the petrol station.

“It reduces the risk of the hazards significantly and enough that these hazards are no longer highlighted by the risk assessment tool.”