A WIDER range of shops and more activities for young people are just some of the things people want to see in Swindon over the next 20 years.

Opinions were canvassed between June and September last year and have now been collated to form A Shared Vision for Swindon 2008-2030.

Priorities identified by the scheme include making Swindon more attractive for visitors and residents, including more activities for young people and improved arts activities.

A more sustainable transport system and more independent stores, were also identified as a priority. People of all ages were asked to give feedback on a consultation document compiled by the Swindon Strategic Partnership (SSP).

In Spring a 12-month action plan will be drawn up, setting out key tasks for local organisations to help realise the vision.

Council leader Rod Bluh is presenting the strategy at the SSP conference at the Oakfield Campus this morning.

He said: "This important document is the ultimate vision of how local people want their borough to be.

"Thank you to everyone who gave their views which have helped shape this exciting, ambitious set of aspirations.

"From this big picture, all types of organisations will be working hard to help make this vision a reality."

Tom Charnock, chairman of the SSP Overview and Monitoring Group, said it was important that as many people as possible had their say.

He said: "By taking the roadshows to where people shop, take part in sport or go for a walk, we were able to involve people who may not normally fill out questionnaires or attend a public meeting.

"Looking ahead, local people also have a big part to play in helping to achieve the strong, caring communities desired by so many. We look forward to engaging with more community groups and developing stronger relationships with them as we work towards achieving this vision."

Copies of the strategies can be downloaded at www.swindonsp.org.uk. Video interviews gathered by teenagers from YourFilm can also be viewed on the site.