A lot of people will remember the nostalgia of going into a sweet shop and picking something out of jars - and that's exactly what a new Swindon sweet shop is trying to replicate.

Treats and Sweets is a newly opened store on Cricklade Road filling the vacant building that used to be Bonnie's Florist and it has already proven to be a hit with children in the area. 

It offers a wide range of confectionary including the typical American offerings you'd expect to see from one of the London-based sweet shops, but in a breakaway, from the norm, its main selling point is a massive selection of pick 'n' mix from jars like stores in the past used to have. 

Swindon Advertiser: The full range of jars on display The full range of jars on display

The shop's owner, Jack Holgate, 31, says that Treats and Sweets is a tribute to his nan, who used to run her own sweet shop when he was just a child which he would work in when he was growing up. 

"The sweet shops you see these days are all Americanised, while this shop does sell a range of American candy I wanted to get back to the traditional jarred sweets that you weigh to the nearest pound," he said. 

"When I was younger my nan had a sweet shop with all the jars and I wanted to do something that was exactly how she used to have it. I have fond memories of growing up there and seeing all the different sweets lined up."

While there are sweet shops in the town centre, Jack, who is from Bracknell, added that he saw a gap in the market on Cricklade Road which is why he jumped at the chance when his friend, who owns the unit, gave him the opportunity to do something with it. 

Swindon Advertiser: The counter The counter

Members of staff at the shop, Shannon and Abi, said that they'd had a lot of positive feedback after opening with plenty of children flocking to the store to check out the weird and wonderful things on offer.

"It's been exciting so far, it caters for everyone there's something for all ages and all tastes and there are sugar-free, vegan, dairy-free options. 

"It's been really fun seeing children walk past and notice that it's a sweet shop now."

Jack is hoping to expand the store to include delivery on Uber Eats and Deliveroo with boxes, hampers and bouquets.