Residents in Royal Wotton Bassett have been giving their reaction to the Lloyds Bank closing.

Last week, the bank announced that it would be closing its branch in the town on December 6.

The announcement marks the end of an era with Royal Wootton Bassett no longer having a bank on its high street.

Lloyds says the reason for the branch’s closure follows an extensive review with more people preferring to bank online through the internet.

The bank also says there has been a 53 per cent decline in the number of personal customers using the branch since 2017 with the Covid pandemic exacerbating matters.

Now people living in Royal Wootton Bassett have been giving their reaction to the news.

John Bell is currently hosting three Ukrainian refugees all of who have opened Lloyds bank accounts in the town.

He said: “I'm very frustrated as I only heard the news after I'd opened the accounts.

 “To find out that they will be closing the branch in December is a blow as they will then have to rely on public transport to go to Swindon.

“Their benefits have to be paid into a UK bank and they have both bought small amounts of Euros and US dollars with them which can only be exchanged at a bank where you have an account.”

One elderly resident who did not wish to be named said she was upset by the news.

Speaking to the Adver, the 83-year-old said: “I will find it very difficult as I do not have phone or internet banking so it will mean a bus trip into Swindon as I have no transport either.

“The thought of having to travel to Swindon just for a bank transaction fills me with fear.”

People have also reacted on social media to the news.

Writing on social media, one resident said: “I changed my bank from Natwest to TSB when Natwest closed only to find that TSB closed. I was thinking of changing to Lloyd's but now they are closing. I'm disabled and don't have transport."

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Councillor Andrew Matthews said the decision would impact the more vulnerable in the town.

He said: “It concerns me that things won’t necessarily be in place to assist those who are a little more vulnerable such as the elderly and the disabled who may not have access to online services.”

Lloyds has said that people will be able to go to Swindon to use its over-the-counter services in its branches.

However, Cllr Matthews dismissed this as an alternative to his constituents.

“Swindon is not that close for a lot of people and it costs money to get there," he said.

“Stagecoach who operate the service 55 are struggling at the moment, they are causing huge problems and the buses are unreliable.

“So, a quick trip to the bank for an 83-year-old could take all day.”

In a statement to the Adver, Lloyds Bank said: “Visits to our Wootton Bassett branch have fallen over recent years, as many customers now choose to bank in different ways.

“When the branch closes in December, customers can continue to bank in person with us at the Brunel Centre branch, or the local Post Office on the high street.”