A sea giant caused quite a stir in Swindon's town centre over the weekend. 

It was part of the puppetry and contemporary dance performance 'Out of the Deep Blue' welcomed to the town by inSwindon BID Co. in partnership with the Wyvern Theatre.

Members of the public turned up in their droves to enjoy the outdoor spectacle featuring the 4-metre tall sea giant puppet on three occasions throughout Sunday, July 31.

The event, created by Autin Dance Theatre, was designed specifically for family and festival audiences and told the magical story of Eko, a sea giant who rose from the deep ocean and who encountered, on the shore, a courageous little girl called Violet.

Eko was operated by five 'world-class' puppeteers who walked him through the town centre to greet eager families.

Then, together with a contemporary dancer playing Violet performed a thirty-minute dance that explored the themes of climate emergency and biodiversity crisis to help celebrate Ocean’s Awareness Week.

Alongside the performances, there were fun craft activities, run by local organisations Artsite and Prime Theatre, as well as the Wyvern Theatre, which were very popular with families using recycled materials to make their own monsters.

Visitor Sarah Brookes said: “What a fantastic day. We were so impressed by Eko and the puppeteers, we travelled in specially to see them. It was just great.

"Wharf Green was an excellent place to experience the outside performances, everyone loved it. The kids really enjoyed the craft activities."

Swindon Advertiser: Eko the sea giant in actionEko the sea giant in action

InSwindon BID Co and Wyvern Theatre have both heralded the event a success and say they'll be looking to bring more like it to the town. 

inSwindon BID Co. Director, Anita Bellinger, said: “The presence of Eko the sea giant was spectacular. It was a stunning and awe-inspiring performance by Autin Dance, with simply amazing puppeteering and choreography.

"The awareness of the climate crisis was raised, and it was incredible to experience this through live theatre that enlivened the whole area, free and accessible to all. We will definitely be working to provide more events like this in partnership with our fabulous Wyvern Theatre and our fellow creative partners.”

Laura Jame, theatre manager at the Wyvern, added: “It has been a really incredible experience having Out Of The Deep Blue with us in Swindon today.

"Watching Eko walk through the Town Centre followed by crowds in awe of him was simply magical and something I won’t forget for a long time. What a pleasure to host such an event along with inSwindon BID Co.”