Here are some of the latest planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council this week.

CALNE: A planning application has been made to lower a curb to create more street parking for a block of flats.

Mr and Mrs Claridge of Bishop Road in Calne wish to lower a curb on Bishop Road in Calne in order to create one more parking space for a flat in the block of flats in the area.

There are currently three parking spaces in the area, and this application calls to create one more parking space.

CHIPPENHAM: Two applications to remove or reduce trees have been made by Langley Green House in Chippenham.

The Langley Green House firstly want to trim three Hazel trees at the entrance to building, in a raised border, and later maintain them as a hedge.

A second planning application has also been made to reduce a Yew tree by 30% to thin and shape the tree. They also want to remove an Ash tree, as it is showing signs of Ash dieback and has had one large limb fall off in the past year.

It is also impeding on the Yew tree alongside it and damaging the wall beneath it.

Earlier this year, they also submitted an application to reduce one cherry tree and three lime trees on the premises.

MARLBOROUGH: A planning application has been submitted for internal alterations to the layout of a Grade II listed cottage, and to add a summerhouse and workshop in the garden.

Mrs T Blatchford of Sunton, Collingbourne Ducis in Marlborough applied to build an ensuite to the master bedroom on the first floor in her cottage by converting the existing study.

She also wishes to remove a second staircase, which is not original to the house, which leads directly from the ground floor to the current study on the first floor.

In the application, there are also mentions of a change of use of paddock into the residential garden, and a wish to build a summerhouse and workshop in the garden.

Go to and search Cobblers Cottage to view the plans.

MELKSHAM: Mr P Pritchard submitted an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for a siting of a mobile home.

In the application, Mr Pritchard disclosed that he has been living in a mobile home on a piece of land owned by Mr Andrew Keen, and now Mr Ian Ayliffe since November 2011.

Mr Pritchard states that the purpose of this arrangement was to act as a presence on the land, and to deter people from the land, as the current owner was "scared of travellers occupying the land".

This application was made to follow the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, and to disclose what the land is being used for.

Applications have been lodged to build extensions to houses, or to build or convert outbuildings and lofts at 1 Middlefield Road, Chippenham; 29 Bradley Road, Trowbridge; 55 Bechstein Meadow, Trowbridge; 3 Bolland Close, Church Street, Marlborough; Glebe House, Church Lane, Marlborough; The Leighs, 62B Hackney Way, Westbury; 12A Watergates, Colern, Chippenham.