Pizza was flying off the shelves faster than chefs could make it as a new restaurant opened its doors in Swindon.

Dozens of intrigued locals gathered at the new Newport Street establishment which was giving away slices of pizza and 'parmo slices' to celebrate the opening of its doors. 

Even though punters in the packed restaurant loved the pizza, the clear and surprising favourite for many was the Chicken Parmesans. 

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Either way, the food joint's social media manager, Connor Sheerin, was happy with the turnout and thought that the opening couldn't have gone better. 

"We opened from 12pm and there were people queuing down the street to get in," he said. 

"They came flooding in and it was completely mad in here for two hours, we couldn't serve the food fast enough."

With Domino's around the corner and Gaetano nearby, Connor admitted it was a crowded market, but revealed a secret weapon he thought would help his eaterie stand out. 

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He said: "We know that there are a lot of pizza places already in Swindon, particularly in Old Town, but we're hoping we can stand out and the 'Chicken Parmo' is one of the ways we can do this."

The 'Chicken Parmos' are breadcrumbed chicken breast, creamy sauce and cheddar cheese topped with various flavoured toppings, and everyone who tried one gave it resounding praise for all who tried it.

"But we're also really excited about meeting people in the community, especially all of the people in nearby offices, shops and homes because we want to become a real fixture for the locals. 

"For us, it's incredibly important to have that good word of mouth and we think and hope the food speaks for itself. However, we also want to offer good value and be affordable to people."

The restaurant is offering dining in and collection and is offering 20 per cent off to anyone who goes to pick up their food. 

Some of the more unusual pizzas on offer include the SFC Kiev which is southern fried chicken and garlic butter and the Chicken Tikka Hot. 

Swindon Advertiser: Connor Sheerin with other members of staffConnor Sheerin with other members of staff

It also offers loaded fries, children's meals for £3.99, a range of desserts, cocktails and iced drinks. 

"We've set aside 300 pizzas for today as we're giving food out until 9pm, but we might need more, Connor said. 

"You always worry that no one will come, but we're really pleased."

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