ALL four of Swindon's post offices earmarked for closure are to shut in a few weeks' time.

As revealed by the Adver yesterday, Cheney Manor and Westcott Place post offices are to close, but Post Office Ltd confirmed yesterday that Lawn and Lydiard Millicent would also close their doors in April.

One Stop, the company that owns the post office in Guildford Avenue, Lawn, said it had offered to find jobs for its post office workers.

The company said in a statement: "It is understandably a difficult time for those affected and we have offered to find them alternative employment as well as support and guidance throughout this process."

Coun Mike Bawden (Con, Old Town and Lawn), who chaired the public meeting during the Lawn consultation, was angry and disappointed at the decision.

He said: "I must say that it is quite strange that all four post offices that were up for closure are being shut down.

"It makes me wonder what exactly the purpose of the consultation was if this was what they intended to do all along.

"The lack of factual evidence presented has been frustrating. I'm very unhappy about the consultation process and will be speaking to MP Anne Snelgrove about it.

"It is an insult to my constituents and also to me that no justification was given for the closure. The Post Office needs to explain its actions."

Mrs Snelgrove said she was disappointed the post office in Lawn was closing.

She said: "I am concerned that a higher than average elderly population in Lawn will have to travel further for Post Office services and that a vital service to the local businesses will be lost.

"I will now be seeking an urgent meeting with Postwatch to discuss this."

Tom Pepperall, chairman of Lydiard Millicent Parish Council, said that although he wasn't surprised at the decision, he was disappointed.

"It's silly to have spent so much money to get it reinstated and then 15 months later to go ahead and close it," he said.

"I know that a number of villagers will be very disappointed at the loss."

The Lydiard Millicent postmaster was not available for comment, while Cheney Manor Road postmaster Mohammed Choudhary said he had been resigned to the closure since the start of the week.

"I think they had probably made up their minds before the process began and this was just something to keep people off their backs," he said.

"I'm sure they didn't even look at what we had to say."

Coun Des Moffat, (Lab, Western), said, "The system has failed and I think Postwatch has failed as well to make a strong case.

"The Post Office have just ignored the case put forward and decided to go ahead with the closure. It isn't right."