DID you know that a female cat that remains unneutered can give rise to as many as 1,000,000 kittens in her lifetime?

A female cat and its mate can produce 12 kittens in the first year, and that female and its offspring can produce up to 66 kittens in the second year, 382 in the third year, 2,201 in the fourth year, and so on.

This does not even take into account any other females whom the unneutered male might have impregnated.

It's obvious that there are too many mouths to feed, and there is no way humans can take care of so many cats!

Because of these statistics, Purton Veterinary Group are joining forces with the Wootton Bassett branch of Cats Protection to help champion neutering as the only effective way to reduce the number of unwanted felines in the UK. Each year the Wootton Bassett branch of Cats Protection gives assistance for the neutering of 200-250 cats.

Neutering is a surgical procedure which prevents female cats becoming pregnant and male cats from making females pregnant.

They recommend that neutering can take place from four months of age, but that you should seek advice from your vet for each individual cat.

Neutering has many health benefits, as well as controlling the cat population.

Male cats are less likely to roam, reducing the risk of road traffic accidents, and they are less likely to fight with other cats, reducing the risk of them getting injured or contracting diseases like feline leukaemia virus (FIV).

Neutered females are less likely to develop mammary cancer, and are unable to develop cancer of the ovaries or uterus.

This offer of free neutering is available for a limited period only and is open to cat owners who are on low or limited income, and owners who live in the Purton area.

To check eligibility and to apply, call the Wootton Bassett branch of Cats Protection on 07917 862514 or 07928 674433, or contact Purton Veterinary Group for details.