This single has been scooped up by a national bubblegum company to use in its advertising campaign and it is easy to see why.

The song has a solid beat with a dancey feel and instantly memorably melody.

Ben's Brother, named after the main songwriter, Jamie Hartman's famous cricketer brother, is a gelled band with some pure pop vocals that dovetail beautifully with the rollicking riffs of the dainty guitar work.

Jamie has a gritty voice that builds from the bluesy whisper to a Stereophonics, stadium rock crescendo.

In fact the single is a mass of layers building from the atmospheric to the bouncy pop and then a rock finale.

Jamie has written some classic songs for other people such as All Time Love, for Will Young, All I Need To Know, for Emma Bunton and Justify Me, for Nate James. So it is good to hear him singing his own well crafted indie pop songs. There is a gorgeous guitar solo on the instrumental version. The band are coming to Swindon on April 19 at the 12 Bar in Westcott Place.

- Flicky Harrison