A MAN suffering from mental illness killed himself, a coroner has ruled.

Polish Kamil Weglarz, 23, was found hanging from the door of his bedsit flat in Ferndale Road on May 10 last year, an inquest in Trowbridge was told.

Landlord John Hill discovered his body when he went to collect Mr Weglarz's overdue rent.

A note - written in Polish - was discovered in his room but neither his brother Tomasz nor police could make sense of it.

PC Scott Anjer of Gablecross police station was called to the scene.

He said: "There was a great deal of force behind the door, there was a lot of resistance.

"I managed to create a gap, looked through and saw the deceased slumped at the bottom of the door with a belt tied to the door supporting his weight."

It is believed that Mr Weglarz could have been dead for a number of days.

Pathologist Janet Armstrong told the inquest that while the cause of death was hanging Mr Weglarz also had 500miligrammes of MDMA - the chemical found in the ecstasy drug - in his bloodstream.

She said: "Potentially fatal doses of MDMA vary.

"But anything above 300mg is toxic."

Neighbours said Mr Weglarz had become increasingly paranoid in the time leading up to his death.

He had punched a neighbour because he wrongly believed he had planted CCTV cameras in his room.

He also slept with an axe and two knives under his bed and thought that when the Wiltshire Police helicopter flew overhead, it was hunting for him.

He also claimed to be hearing voices, and colleagues at the DHL warehouse in Commercial Road were he worked said he had become distracted and talked to himself.

During the last months of his life, Mr Weglarz - a hardworking and dedicated employee - began turning up late for work or not at all, the inquest was told.

He also fell behind with his rent and owed several months in arrears.

His older brother Tomasz said Mr Weglarz had come to England to start a new life after being bullied during national service in Poland.

Tomasz was also aware that his brother took drugs and drank heavily.

The inquest also heard that he called his mum in Poland during one drunken binge saying he wanted to die.

The coroner recorded a verdict that Mr Weglarz had taken his own life.