A GOOD Friday procession through Swindon in dazzling sunshine attracted more than 100 worshippers.

Six churches banded together to stage the event for the second year.

Titled Easter Hope: In Our Villages, Towns And Cities, the walk started at 10.30am in Wood Street.

It then went through to Newport Street and back to Wood Street for a service of hymns and prayers.

The churches involved were Christ Church, St Mary's, Immanuel United Reform Church, Lawn Community Church, Bath Road Methodist Church and the Kings Christian Centre.

The Salvation Army also took part and its band provided music for the event.

Street pastor Jane Perrott said: "This is the first year I've been involved and I think it's a great idea. The idea is that we can make people aware what Good Friday is all about and the fact that Easter Sunday is approaching."

Daniel Pitt, a regular worshipper at Christ Church, said: "Although most people see this as just another day, I take part in the procession to show people there is a need to reflect on what I believe Jesus did for us.

"With the Salvation Army Band joining us this year, it helps us stand out and represent the Christian community of Old Town."

Mike Hallaway, 64, of Lawn Community Church, said: "There's not much faith in people out there these days so this is a good way for people to re-affirm their faith and know more about the meaning of Easter."

David Cunnings, 78, from Christ Church, said: "In this country people are beginning to be afraid to show their faith and feel they can't discuss their beliefs and that isn't right."

Rosemary Earle, 57, from Old Town saw the procession winding down the street and paused to watch.

"I think it's a brilliant idea," she said. "Some witness should be made to remind us of this time and this procession is a great way to do that."

Jo Cunningham, 60, from Old Town, was shopping on Wood Street and also stopped to watch.

"It's so great to see the band out again, reminds me of when I was little," she said. "We should have this every year."

Steve Soar, from Westlea, who works in Wood Street, said: "I'm not really that religious but it's nice to see something like this taking place. It's a good thing."

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