A WOMAN was saved from custody again after breaching her community order.

Miaya Bryan had been one of two women convicted for an attack at Swindon bus station on April 9, 2006 and had been spared a prison sentence last time. She was given a year sentence suspended for two years and a drug rehabilitation order.

She breached her community order for this offence by failing to attend education and employment classes.

Rob Ross, defending, said she had had much success on the drugs rehabilitation programme and pointed out that Ms Bryan had already spent nine months in custody before the trial for the original attack.

Judge Douglas Field said "I'm very disappointed with you because I remember sentencing you and giving you this chance."

He added: "You have let everybody down.

"I am seriously thinking about sending you to custody, but I have taken into consideration what you have achieved in 12 months."

Ms Bryan of Morris Street was given a three month curfew order, but warned that a breach of this would result in a period in custody.