Upper Stratton village was, for many years, a separate community. With the expansion of the former railway town of Swindon into a large, modern town, Upper Stratton has become absorbed into the larger town but retains its' distinctive sense of community too. Upper Stratton Baptist Church has served the community since 1861 as a place of worship, a meeting place and centre of many community activities. We are proud to have served God and the community in this way and believe we will continue to form an essential focus for the community for future generations.

A far more detailed account of the history of this Baptist church, complete with photographs, can be found at www.usbc.org.uk (click the 'Our History' button)

1861 Prior to the opening of the chapel in Green Lane (later to become Green Road) there was no school and just one small church (Primitive Methodist) in the village of Upper Stratton near Swindon.

In 1860, Henry Tucker Esq. of Bourton House, Berkshire, became the owner of a large part of Upper Stratton village. As a Christian, he decided to take action to benefit the community and glorify God. So he made plans to build the Chapel to serve the community as a Day School and Free Church. The foundation stone was laid in 1861 and the Church began life in 1862.

1886 The bell fell from use. It was later sent to Jamaica in response to an appeal from the Baptist Missionary Society

1902 It became possible to buy the building from the estate of Mrs Tucker at a cost of £300 which was met by loans from WESBA and the Baptist Building Fund

1929 The foundation stone-laying ceremony for the new Sunday School Hall was a big event on 2nd March 1929. Guest of Honour was Mr Samuel Colborne who gave the address at the the special Service. Mr Colborne was Superintendent of the Sunday School some 45 years previously and is pictured here being greeted by the Mr J Usher

1929 The New Sunday School Hall opened just 5 months later in August 1929 to provide a home for the large number of children attending each week.

1952 The Swindon Evening Advertiser reported the arrival of Rev Maycock from Ramsbottom, Lancashire

1955 The 'Rear Hall' was opened as a new home for the Sunday School - September 3rd 1955

1981 Rev David Blandford arrived to pastor USBC, fresh from Spurgeon's College together with wife, Heather

1987 Special 125th Anniversary Services were held

1999 From April to Sept we shipped a number of articulated trucks containing aid, donated by the community, to Albania for refugees from the Kosovo conflict. Working with an English missionary in Berat, Albania (Dudley Powell) we were able to provide much-needed clothes, food and medical supplies to the refugees arriving in that area. Over a 5 month period we sent 15 lorries, thanks to the immense generosity of the people of Swindon and the surrounding area

2006 We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the arrival of Rev David Blandford with wife, Heather

A far more detailed account of the history of this Baptist church, complete with photographs, can be found at www.usbc.org.uk (click the 'Our History' button)