Volunteers from Upper Stratton Baptist Church will be collecting from over 1700 homes, hoping to do even better than last year when over £1000 was generously donated by the people of Upper Stratton. Many other churches, schools and other groups across Swindon will also be collecting, joining some 300,000 people in the UK's biggest house-to-house collection, helping to raise funds to tackle the causes of poverty in today's world.

Since its birth 60 years ago, Christian Aid has grown into a major provider of aid to people in almost 50 countries. They spend £63 million per year tackling poverty and suffering in some of the most difficult situations on earth, regardless of race, colour or religion. Yet they spend less than 1% of their income on administration.

Tackling the causes (not just the symptoms) of poverty is done in many ways. Christian Aid provides direct support in major emergencies and tackles ongoing problems that lead to poverty such as climate change, corruption, food shortages and more. Working alone and with partner agencies, millions of lives are affected every year.

Your donation really can make a difference - please give generously when the envelope comes through your door!

More details about the work of Christian Aid can be found online at www.christianaid.org.uk and about the church at www.usbc.org.uk