JET-setting pomegranate tycoon James Brett returned to his old stamping ground at the weekend to launch his new pomegranate wine.

James, 38, who grew up in Wroughton, launched Anari at The Old Bank in Swindon's Old Town. Delighted guests and visitors sampled the drink, which is also available at the nearby Magnum Wineshop.

James is well known as the driving force behind Pomegreat, the pomegranate juice brand that has gained widespread popularity and worldwide publicity.

Anari, though, is a completely new line - a full-bodied semi-sweet red wine with the refreshing taste of pomegranates.

James said: "It's great to be here to launch the first pomegranate wine in the UK. I wanted to launch it here because this is my home town and - have strong ties with it.

"Pomegranate is the ultimate superfood. It's the king of all fruits, and if this were not do it would not wear it's own crown."

He was referring to the distinctive shape of the exotic fruit, which he began to explore the potential of in 1999.

That was year when, during a visit to Pakistan, he was offered a drink of pomegranate juice and realised it was like nothing he had ever tasted.

Since then he has devoted his entrepreneurial skill to promoting all things pomegranate-related.

He even wears a pomegranate-themed suit and pendant on occasion.

His business has taken him all over the world for several years.

His air stewardess girlfriend, 29-year-old Lilit, is based in Armenia.

Anari has an alcohol content of 12 per cent by volume and is made in Armenia using the juice of naturally grown pomegranates from Afghanistan.

Improving the Afghan economy and the lives of its ordinary people is a cause close to James's heart.

The wine comes in elegant bottles, and James's attention to detail meant he came up with a neat touch: a pomegranate-shaped tag allows the foil at the top of the bottle to be removed cleanly and easily.

According to James' tasters he asked to test the wine reported not only that it was delicious but also that it tended not to produce hangovers - provided no other drink was taken. James says this is due to high levels of antioxidants.

Interestingly, the pomegranate has traditionally been regarded as health giving since the Ancient Greek era.

Many people believe the fruit benefits the heart and has anti-ageing properties.

Further details about Anari, including information for would-be stockists, can be found at www.Anari-Wine. com.