A PEACE campaigner from Swindon has penned a chapter of a new book about the English identity - published on the day of the country's patron saint.

Andy Newman has added his thoughts to a new book called Imagined Nation, England After Britain which is in shops from today - St George's Day The book includes chapters from singer songwriter Billy Bragg and Labour politician Rupa Huq.

Andy got involved in the book project when editor Mark Perryman spotted an ongoing debate on English identity on Andy's blog www.socialistunity.com.

The editor then contacted Andy asking him to add to the book, with something about English identity.

"Following the Scottish National Party winning the elections in Scotland, and Plaid Cymru being in a coalition government in Wales, there is a real possibility that these nations may choose independence," said Andy.

"We in England need to start thinking what it would mean to us to be independent.

"What we don't want is to be left behind and become a racially exclusive place. Some people would like to us to return to when everyone was white and had roasts for dinner.

"We are much better off both economically and culturally due to immigration and people need to start recognising that.

"The book is being released on St George's Day because it's the best way to attract publicity.

"I think it will get people talking about the issue and that is important.

"St George's Day is not celebrated enough because it has been taken over by those who don't represent the way most people think.

"I think we should be proud that people want to come and share our country with us.

"For me English identity isn't about ethnicity but about working together to improve things for everyone who lives here, regardless of race, creed or colour."

The book will be available from all good bookshops on April 23, or directly from www.philosophyfootball.com.