SPEEDWAY fans have shared their reaction after Swindon Robins announced the club would never return to the Abbey Stadium.

On Wednesday, British Speedway shared a statement on behalf of the Robins which outlined its decision to leave its home of 73 years and begin the search for a new permanent stadium in which motorsport could run independently.

Swindon had not raced since winning the top tier’s league and cup double in 2019 due to a combination of Covid-19 and prolonged plans to redevelop the Abbey.

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But once Covid was under control and still the Robins’ home moved no closer to being completed, most presumed the day on which Swindon would race at Blunsdon again would never arrive.

A significant part of the town’s heritage gone for now, many Robins fans were left devastated to finally hear the news confirmed on Wednesday.

On Twitter, Tom Coward said: “My godfather used to take me loads to the speedway. The noise and the smell of the bikes (was great), I could even here it from my bedroom window.”

Harry Nicholas reminisced along similar lines. He said: “Gutted to hear this, had so many good memories with my dad at the Abbey stadium. Massive part of my childhood gone.”

Harry Fox said: “We all knew this was coming, but it's devastating to see it confirmed.

“I'll treasure all the memories, and grateful that my final two visits were to see us win both the cup and league on home turf for the first time - not a bad season to bow out with.”

Although the Robins have stated they are seeking a new home to return in the next few years, other fans were not so optimistic.

Rob Ludlow said: “Horrendously bad news for Swindon and speedway in Britain in general. Want to believe a new site will be found and a new stadium built but this does feel like the end.”

Meanwhile, Darren Hayward said: “We all kinda knew this was coming but still so sad. Sure hope that a venue can be found but guess we shouldn't hold our breath. Thank you for some magical nights.”

A side which has experienced their own troubles with a stadium closing, a Coventry Bees account called ‘Bring The Bees Back To Coventry’ said: “Very sorry to read this. Some fantastic battles with the Robins down the years.

“Let’s see if there’s a real will to get them back at another venue. That’s the least their fans deserve.”