The Fleming Way redevelopment has caused headaches for motorists for almost a year now - but it's not the first time that drivers had to contend with work on the route.

In July 1995, one archive caption notes that "experts have been forced to agree" that a part of the bus lane which turned onto Islington Street "is of no benefit to buses or motorists".

In another photo from the same time period, traffic police had apparently raised concerns about the bus lane being a danger - which is illustrated in the image by a car cutting into Islington Street as a bus approaches and a pedestrian crosses the tarmac.

In October 1996, traffic cones lined one side of the road as concerns were raised about upcoming roadworks causing congestion and chaos during the festive period.

One stunning snapshot of the scene, captured in March 1997, shows a timelapse of the new bus lane added between Swindon's central police station and the Magic Roundabout.

A note on the back reads as follows: "The town's newest bus priority scheme can be seen - day or night - in Fleming Way.

"The snake-like trails of red and white, looking something similar to the Hale-Bopp comet currently appearing over Britain - show traffic, other than buses of course, hugging the middle of the road in its permitted single lane, keeping clear of the baron bus lane, which seems as sparse of traffic in the night as it does in the day."