As Marks and Spencer prepares to leave Swindon's town centre, we've had a look back at some of the shops that were once fixtures of our High Street.

M&S itself has been part of Regent Street since at least 1945, when it was based inside a grand stone structure that loomed large over the pedestrianised area.

Other snaps from Swindon Libraries' Local Studies department show the store in the sixties, near McIlroys, and as part of the Brunel Shopping Centre from the 70s onwards, but it is expected to shut in the near future while keeping its other Swindon branches open.

British Home Stores took up a sizeable space on Bridge Street in the 1950s and then moved to the corner of Regent Street and The Parade, where it remained for many years, with several panes of sleek glass showing off its wares.

Plans to set up a new branch of the retailer in 2011 retained its presence in the town centre for a little longer before the entire company collapsed into administration.

C&A's colourful signage stood tall on Canal Walk from 1979 and attracted countless loyal customers to the Brunel for the rest of the century - but the company stopped trading in the UK in 2001 and all its stores here closed for good.