A Swindon man says the problem of abandoned supermarket trolleys being dumped in a nearby stream is so bad that he has retrieved 150 of them.

Gavin Cox shared the most recent evidence in a photo after pulling nine Morrisons trolleys from the Dorcan Way store from the water.

The Adver previously reported on how the 52-year-old puts on his waders and jumps into the water every four weeks to clear the litter out of Swindon’s streams.

Gavin posted the pictures on September 18 with the caption: “Well done Morrisons Dorcan way, another nine trolleys pulled from the stream!”

The Nythe resident said: “It’s only the minority who take their shopping home in the trolleys then fly-tipping them in the stream.

“There’s no deterrent for customers taking them from the store and £1 doesn’t do anything because all of the trolleys I have found have had all the money removed.

“The only other option to stop this fly-tipping is to ask Morrisons to install a magnetic ring system, but this costs money.

"Morrisons need to weigh things up. Either they keep losing their trolleys or invest in systems to keep them."

Morrisons responded to the dumping of the trolleys from their Dorcan store and said: "As soon as we are made aware of any abandoned trolleys, we will always make an effort to go and pick them up."

Gavin's Facebook post received more than 100 comments discussing who is to blame for the fly-tipping of the trolleys and what should be done. Many commended Gavin for his hard work.

One Facebook user said: “Sounds like Gavin needs a huge pat on the back for all the hard work he is doing clearing up the stream.

“I am grateful for the hard, wet, smelly work you are doing off your own back.”

Another said: “Why do people do this in the first place?"

Others debated whose responsibility it was for the trolleys being dumped.

One person said: “It’s not Morrison's fault it’s the idiot people that put them in there, absolutely disgusting behaviour.”

Another said: “I'm sure If you call Morrisons they will arrange to collect them. These trollies cost about £200 each. Well done for clearing the streams. Fingers crossed folk won't take them away from the stores.”

In response to one of the comments, Gavin said: “This has been happening since the store has been open.”