A horrified dogwalker fears animals are being poisoned in Cheney Manor.

Alison Field strolled around the green spaces near Cheney Manor Industrial Estate with her husband and pet dog earlier this month when their four-legged friend discovered a dead fox.

Alison said: “We were absolutely appalled, it’s horrific and upsetting.

“We commented on how unusual it is to see a fully grown and healthy-looking fox just lying on the grass.

“Two minutes later, we found another one and became very suspicious as to their cause of death.”

The worried couple feared that the foxes had been poisoned and quickly moved their dog away from the bodies just in case it could spread.

Ali added: “The foxes all looked healthy, with lovely-coloured fur, bushy tails, and no mange.

“I have had dogs my whole life and have walked all over the country with them and I can honestly say I have never once seen foxes like that just lying dead in the middle of the grass.

“Unless shot or run over, they will always hide when they know they are dying.  

“We immediately suspected they had been poisoned and left the field.

“Thank goodness our dog is fine as she could so easily have suffered the same fate. We showered her when we got home to stop her licking anything that could be on her fur.

“We haven’t returned to the field since and are nervous to do so because of the possibility of poisoning our dogs.  

“Has someone done this deliberately? I do feel for these creatures as yet again their habitat is being destroyed for development, but they will move on if left to their own devices.

“I also want to warn other dog walkers of the potential danger at Cheney Manor Fields.”

Alison asked Swindon Borough Council about whether any of their staff had put poison down as building work is being carried out near the Moredon Playing Fields and asked if the foxes’ bodies would be removed.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman replied, in an email seen by the Adver: “The council would have not put poison down at all.

“If you are concerned that there may be someone poisoning the foxes then please contact the RSPCA either on their website or by phone 0300 1234 999."