THE family of a Swindon mum of three are doing all they can to save her from a life-threatening brain tumour. 

Jessie Verth, 36, from Tadpole Garden Village, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumour last October. 

But despite two lots of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and even an awake craniotomy her prospects of surviving the disease are still not great, and she has now exhausted all of the options available to her under the NHS. 

Now her sister, Abbie Pitts-Drake, 39, has set up a fundraising page to raise the money needed for a potentially life-saving immunotherapy treatment that will use a piece of the tumour removed from Jess' brain to form a vaccine that will then teach her body to attack the cancerous cells. 

Swindon Advertiser: Abbie Pitts-Drake and her sister JessAbbie Pitts-Drake and her sister Jess (Image: Abbie Pitts-Drake)

Abbie described her sister, a mum with a six-year-old boy and twins that are just 20 months old, as a 'selfless and caring' person. 

"Our goal is to keep her with us and get her well. She has three little ones that she's still looking after now."

Abbie explained that the tumour was taking a physical toll on Jess and that she and other members of the family were doing what they could to help her. 

"Her mobility has been affected, she has weakness on her right side, on her birthday she had a big seizure, so her right side is a lot weaker, and she is now struggling to walk and use her leg and arm.

"But she is still getting up to look after her children as much as she can."

There are a few options available privately to Jess, but the first one is the immunotherapy which will cost around £100,000. 

To help with this Abbie has set up a Just Giving page asking for £50,000 and so far it has received donations of just over £10,000. 

You can donate to the page here:

The family are planning some fundraising events in the future to help achieve this goal. 

"She is just the most incredible person to all of us who know and love her. She deserves the best we can give her," Abbie said. 

"I'm so very proud of her, I don't think she realises how amazing she is."