A Swindon business owner has been left annoyed after a selfie spot was introduced outside an empty shop in the town centre.

The former House of Fraser building in the town centre now stands derelict after its closure in November 2021, but the windows have recently been decorated.

With the Brunel Shopping Centre branding, the window wrap features a gap accompanied by the title ‘Selfie Spot’, encouraging visitors to take a photo there.

It features the tagline: "Good things happen here. The heart of Swindon."

Marcus Kittridge, who works in the town centre, could not believe his eyes when he saw the poster advertising the fact that the town has empty units.

Swindon Advertiser: The selfie spot can be found in Swindon's town centre.The selfie spot can be found in Swindon's town centre. (Image: Peter Wabbit)

“I see that someone has spent some money on the town centre,” he said.

“Now you can take your own souvenir selfie in front of an empty shop, bravo!”

The new branding has left nearby residents confused about what the aim is given that nothing new has been added to the town centre as a result.

“I'd like to know more detail and so would Swindonians,” added Marcus.

“It seems incredible they've created the hashtag #thebestinswindon without creating any positive content in advance.

“The whole thing is badly thought out and makes Swindon look like even more of a laughing stock, it's very sad.”