A MINISTER has asked Swindon MP Anne Snelgrove to investigate if Government employment support schemes are helping those most in need.

James Purnell, the Secretary Of State For Work And Pensions, has given four Labour MPs the job of researching different parts of the country and finding out if Government employment policies are having an effect.

One MP is looking at people in inner London, another at seaside towns, a third at northern market towns and Ms Snelgrove, pictured, has been asked to look at the way policy works in large towns in southern England such as Swindon.

"I have been asked to focus on pockets of deprivation, what we do to help people in those places and how we can get them back into work," she said.

"This work is particularly important for an area like Swindon where we have a booming economy despite the economic downturn.

"The whole point of this MP-led review is to see what's working to see how employers feel about what we are doing and what their perception of the Swindon employment market is.

"We all know there are some shortages within certain areas of industry and that we desperately need some people.

"But there may be some areas where the shortages are not so obvious."

Once Mrs Snelgrove has gathered all of her evidence it will go back to Government.

"I want to see this work influencing policy," she said.

"Because of that this is a chance for people in Swindon, employers and employees, to have an influence and say what will and won't work in the system.

"What I want to be able to do is have enough detail to be able to say this a policy that will make a practical difference to people's lives."