1974: Loons and weird suede/sheepskin jacket. Or it could have been goat . . . it certainly had that strange smell similar to that of Afghan coats bought from Petticoat Lane Market, which is where it came from. The loons had a pattern of small elephants all over them! We were in London for a David Cassidy concert at Wembley Stadium. The tour was later hit by tragedy when a 14-year-old girl was crushed at White City Stadium and, after two days in a coma, died. Five hundred other fans were injured.

1975: By the end of the year David and Donny had been replaced in teenage girls' affections by the Bay City Rollers. Although not a particular fan, I still sported a tartan scarf. I remember loving the petrol blue (the colour has faded - it's an old pic) swing-back coat from Wallis and the shoes from Dolcis. I'd recently started at Hreod Burna School (now Nova Hreod) and all the girls who fancied themselves as a bit trendy had the same shoes - which had a sole somewhere between a wedge and a platform - either as a buckle front or lace-up.

1976: There really wasn't a lot of scope to style an individual look in the mid 70s without shopping out of town or scouring charity shops, both of which I was doing by the second half of the decade. But this brown leather jacket, from Blunsdon Market, was another of the items that everyone seemed to have. I had it in brown, my best friend had it in black - so we didn't look silly wearing the same thing! Very soon afterwards we discovered the joys of jumble. Fabulous lurex dresses could be picked up for a matter of pence and adapted into glam rock/punk fashion. But for real style, the Kings Road in London was the place to shop. Acme Attractions, Fiorucci and a host of individual boutiques sold the trendiest clothes around. And then there was Sex - the shop started by Sex Pistols' manager Malcolm McLaren and his then girlfriend Vivienne Westwood . . . the only place to buy your bondage trousers and T-shirts with obscene slogans.