A new company has applied for permission to use a building which has been ordered to be removed on Wroughton Airfield.

Aggregate firm Earthline had been using the site as its base of operations and had made a number of changes.

But following a public inquiry the business was found to have made these changes without planning permission and was ordered by a Planning Inspector to return the site to its original state prior to the redevelopment. 

Now, a new company, Membury Estates Ltd, has filed a planning application (S/23/1207) to Swindon Borough Council for the retention of building and hard standing for agricultural use on Hanger 6 - which were due to be removed by November 8. 

Membury Estates Ltd was registered at Companies House in January of this year, and its directors are Rodney and Sheila Coplestone.

Rodney Coplestone is also currently the director for a number of businesses under the Earthline moniker. 

The planning application submitted by David Jarvis Associates on behalf of Membury Estates Ltd acknowledges that the building they want to use was built without planning permission, and is subject to an enforcement notice. 

Despite this, it is seeking to retain the building for agricultural use such as storage of grain, straw, hay or machinery.

It is accompanied by two local farming operations who have expressed an interest in using the building and offered their support towards the application.

These include Steve Benson Farming Ltd, which operates a grain storage facility at Wroughton Airfield, and Burderop Farming Company Ltd which has a grain store near Barbury Castle.

However, Wroughton Parish Council and two ward councillors for the area, David Martyn and Brian Ford have expressed objections to the application. 

In its objection, a spokesperson for the Parish Council said: "It is not clear what hard standing is intended to remain, as application refers to ‘some’ hardstanding.

"Irrespective of this, the hardstanding should be removed to comply with the Enforcement Notice resulting from the Planning Appeal decision for this site and this building in 2022."

It added "This application appears to be an attempt to formalise as acceptable, a building which has already been found to be unacceptable and which must be demolished by 8th November, under the terms of the Enforcement Notice issued following the public inquiry in 2022.

"The building should therefore be demolished."

The parish council further requested that the notice must now be enforced "in order for residents to have confidence in the planning system, and the planning appeal system".