The former Lloyds bank building in Cricklade Road could become a new restaurant if a recently submitted planning application is approved.

Developer S Hussain has put in plans to convert the building at numbers 84-86 into a small restaurant. The plans show the main front of the building would hold 12 tables and a small bar, with the rear of the ground floor used for kitchens and storerooms.

There is already another planning consent granted for the building.

Earlier this year a different developer MS Akhtar was given permission to add another door to the frontage on the left-hand side, looking at the shop, with two large plate windows creating a symmetry between the doors at the left and right. 

Inside, Mr Akhtar’s plans were to remove the offices immediately to the left of the existing door to open up a lobby space for shoppers.

There has previously been granted permission to change the use of the building to retail from banking. 

It is not uncommon for there to be two competing plans granted approval for the same property. A developer does not have to own a property to be give planning approval, and may prefer to get their approval before bidding to buy a site.