An elderly couple say they are risking injury every time it rains in Swindon because of flooding in their driveway and garden.

Deanna and Peter Buckland are 80 and 85 respectively and have complained that they are often unable to leave their home in Hay Lane, near Junction 16 of the M4, safely in wet conditions.

Both have hurt themselves by slipping on the wet ground while either trying to get in and out of the house and says they "shouldn’t have to live like this".

They say the problem has been going on for about 10 years. With Storm Babet and Storm Ciarán hitting Swindon over recent weeks, the situation is only getting worse.

Marshal Wolton, 22, lives with his grandparents and is concerned about their welfare as they are unable to do simple things such as go to the pharmacy.

Swindon Advertiser:

They say they have reported the problem to the council many times and claim a drainage lorry is sent out in an attempt to fix the drains - but that this does not seem to stop the water from building up on their property.

Deanna said: “Every time it pours down with rain we are flooded. We are old people and the council won’t do anything.

“We can’t get out to do our washing, I have to take my shoes and socks off to get to the car, we shouldn’t have to live like this.

“At our age we can’t go paddling through there and we keep damaging ourselves, it’s just not good enough."

Marshal said: “Nothing is getting done, they have been waiting for 10 years, they can’t even get to the shops when it rains.

“My nan and grandad can’t keep living like this.

“They can’t do anything and I dread in an emergency, if they had to get out, what they would do.

“As soon as it rains, it is flooded”.

Swindon Borough Council has promised to investigate the matter further.

A spokesperson said: “We sympathise entirely with the residents affected and are working hard to resolve the problem.

“Our initial investigations have revealed that the drainage pumps outside the property were working as they should and were pumping water away.

“The advice we have been given is that the drains from the individual properties could be the source of the problem. We will appoint a contractor to investigate this further as soon as we can.”