A primary school on the outskirts of Swindon has taken matters into its own hands following fears of unsafe parking nearby.

Chiseldon Primary & Nursery School have started a new safe parking campaign and placed bollards outside.

Issues had arisen during drop-off and pick-up times with cars parked on double yellow lines, blocking crosswalks, and obstructing visibility, the school said.

This was posing serious risks to the safety of pupils so the school introduced the 'show you care, park elsewhere' initiative.

Deputy headteacher Nick Hatcliffe said: “The campaign aims to encourage parents and guardians to park further away from crucial areas near the school, such as regular crossings and entrances.

“To reinforce this message, the school also installed signs with the slogan and placed life-sized 'little people' figures near the crossing areas.”

The campaign appears to be working with those driving around the school now doing so in a more careful manner, according to Mr Hatcliffe.

“Since the implementation of the safe parking campaign, the school has observed a significant improvement in parking behaviour around the school premises,” the deputy headteacher continued.

“Parents are now more conscious of where they park, and many have started parking further away from the crossing areas.

“This has made it much safer for pupils to cross the road and enter the school.”