The death of four cats on the same Swindon street in one night remains a mystery.

It has been just over four months since the pets belonging to Kate Blackford, Sarah-Jane Webb and Harri Thompson were killed by a mysterious poison on the same night on August 11.

Kate’s two cats Betty and Simba, Sarah-Jane’s cat Chase and Harri’s cat Nala all died within the same 12-hour period, and the unusual circumstances behind this led to a joint investigation from Wiltshire Police and the RSPCA.

As part of this, the RPSCA arranged for a post-mortem to be done on the cats to determine what it was that may have killed them.

But weeks on from sending their cats away, owners say they are still in the dark about what happened.

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Sarah-Jane Webb said: “I have called the RSPCA on multiple occasions and all they can tell me is that they will leave a message and get someone to call me back. And of course, no one calls me.

“I don’t know where my cat is or how much longer we are going to be sat in limbo. It’s been tough.”

Swindon Advertiser: Four cats from one Swindon street have died after being 'poisoned' (Image: Kate Blackford, Sarah-Jane Webb and Harri Thompson)Four cats from one Swindon street have died after being 'poisoned' (Image: Kate Blackford, Sarah-Jane Webb and Harri Thompson) (Image: Kate Blackford, Sarah-Jane Webb and Harri Thompson)Harri Thompson added: “I’ve heard from the police to say they’ve also not heard anything. They’ve tried contacting the RSPCA but no response.”

Harri had previously been told it could be around two weeks for a preliminary report and 6-8 weeks for a full report.

Kate had already arranged for a post-mortem for the first of her two cats that died that night, Betty, but she too is waiting for answers.

’I’ve still had absolutely nothing back from Betty's postmortem, I’ve chased and chased and chased.”

Because of the lack of answers, the owners still have fears for their pets which have not been helped by a growing history of cats being allegedly deliberately injured on the street. 

In September, a cat named Mouch, was found unable to walk on one of its legs, with vets telling the owner the injury was caused by ‘blunt force trauma, not a car or another animal, likely a kick.’

In addition to this, as well as being poisoned, Nala was also discovered to have a significant injury to her ribs, with owner Harri saying that vets had told her it was not consistent with a car but rather a ‘kick or severe blow’.

And prior to the poisonings, another cat had returned home to Emerald Crescent with a ‘stamp injury on its tail and a cigarette burn on its eyebrow’

Wiltshire Police has confirmed it is still waiting for details of the post-mortems.

The RSPCA was approached for comment.