High winds caused a tree to collapse over Halfpenny Bridge in Lechlade, blocking traffic from crossing.

The temporary closure of the bridge, caused by winds from the incoming Storm Debi, comes just two weeks after Halfpenny Bridge in Lechlade was reopened.

A large willow tree branch, which appeared to have snapped in half, covered the whole road over the bridge on Monday, November 13, at around 2pm.

Traffic on the A361 was brought to a standstill and the bridge was temporarily closed by police officers, while the tree was cleared off the bridge.

Swindon Advertiser: Standstill traffic surrounding Halfpenny Bridge in Lechlade.Standstill traffic surrounding Halfpenny Bridge in Lechlade. (Image: Google Maps)

The Grade II listed 18th-century bridge which connects Lechlade to Highworth and Swindon, had previously been closed to traffic for four months, after it was struck by a car in June and needed repair work.

"Close the Bridge for four months. Quick!" joked one resident, having spotted the fallen tree across the bridge.

However, the tree that hit Halfpenny Bridge earlier today is not thought to have caused any damage and the bridge has now been reopened to the public.