Police were called to a block of flats in Liden after the stench from piles of rubbish - together with a bug infestation - led to fears somebody had died.

One resident says they and their neighbours at Briarswood Court have been living in “chaos” after a problem regarding rubbish escalated and has only recently been resolved.

The resident told the Adver how a maintenance man had been visiting their address and called the police because he suspected there was a dead body because of the smell from a neighbouring flat.

Rubbish had piled up and had caused  flies, bugs and other insects to infest the flat and make its way to others through the vents. There had also been very little response from the neighbours.Swindon Advertiser:

The person said: “It is affecting people's health and safety and well-being and it’s not very good.

“The smell that was coming out of that flat was disgusting.

“I don’t understand how this could have happened. I am quite speechless that it got that bad.

“I am at my wits end with all of it and I don’t know what I can do to solve it and it is quite sad that a situation like this can happen in this day and age."

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police confirmed: “On October 25 we attended a property in Briarswood Court, Liden, following a report of a concern for the welfare of a resident.

“The resident was found safe and the incident has been closed as a non-crime.”

After being contacted by the Adver, landlords Sovereign Housing Association moved residents into a hotel temporarily and have since cleared the flat of rubbish.

Sovereign Housing Association had previously changed the place where residents were expected to leave their rubbish, with the location moved to the ground floor rather than directly outside of their flats.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, shared their frustration with the housing association and said it had done very little to amend the situation despite repeated requests.

They say there is also an issue with loud noise at unsociable hours.

A spokesperson for Sovereign Housing Association said: "We are working with our customer at Briarswood Court having been alerted by our repairs team of the challenges that he is facing.

“Our teams are now helping him to clear and clean his flat.

“We have also offered support to his neighbour to reduce the impact while this is carried out.

"Going forward, we are working with our partners at Swindon Borough Council to make sure appropriate support is in place for our customer, and we will continue to engage with the residents at Briarswood Court."