CHISELDON Primary and Nursery School could be the subject of new parking restrictions from Swindon Borough Council. 

This comes following the school having to take matters into its own hands with its own safe parking campaign and placing child-like bollards outside. 

Issues had arisen during drop-off and pick-up times with cars parked on double-yellow lines, blocking crosswalks and obstructing visibility the school said.

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But now the council has turned towards the school in the next round of its School Safe Environment Zone project, with a Traffic Regulation Order revealing plans to further restrict parking in the problematic areas. 

The order applies to Castle View Road and will see the revocation of ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ to be replaced with ‘No Waiting and No Loading At Any Time’ on Castle View Road (north-west side) and the revocation of the ‘No Waiting Mon-Fri 8am – 5 pm to be replaced with ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ on Castle View Road (south-west side).

Swindon Advertiser: The new proposals on Castle View Road outside Chiseldon Primary and Nursery SchoolThe new proposals on Castle View Road outside Chiseldon Primary and Nursery School (Image: Clair Wilkinson/Swindon Borough Council)

A copy of the relevant documents for the Order may be inspected online at

Objections or representations to the proposed Order should be made by completing the consultation form which can be found at under ‘Stage 2 – Formal consultation’ with reference (ST&I/TRO/Castle View Road) by no later than December 4, 2023.

The School Safe Environment Zones (SSEZ) programme is the Council’s approach to delivering road safety and congestion improvements for schools across Swindon over the next 5 years.

It is anticipated that SSEZ’s will encompass a package of measures that aim to encourage behavioural change and improve safety outside and in the vicinity of schools.

The design of each SSEZ will be bespoke to the circumstances and characteristics of each school, its location and the current behaviours of its pupils and parents/carers.

Speaking about the school's own safety campaign, deputy headteacher Nick Hatcliffe said: “The campaign aims to encourage parents and guardians to park further away from crucial areas near the school, such as regular crossings and entrances.

“To reinforce this message, the school also installed signs with the slogan and placed life-sized 'little people' figures near the crossing areas.”

“Since the implementation of the safe parking campaign, the school has observed a significant improvement in parking behaviour around the school premises,” the deputy headteacher continued.

“Parents are now more conscious of where they park, and many have started parking further away from the crossing areas.

“This has made it much safer for pupils to cross the road and enter the school.”