Residents are upset over new signs in Swindon that appear to suggest that the best thing about the town is leaving it.

The signage has been put up to cover empty shops in the town centre with several messages on the banners being ridiculed.

Previously locals were annoyed by a ‘selfie spot’ which had been put in place in the same row of windowfronts along Canal Walk.

Another of the signs praised the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery which was closed down last year and has since been unavailable to the public.

Now a sign exists that boasts of Swindon’s railway links to other locations such as Bristol and London.

Nic Firth, who moved to the town in 2020, was bemused to see the new signs plastered on the former shops.

“So let me get this straight, the best of Swindon is that you can get a train to Bristol or London,” said the 53-year-old.

“It's clearly better that the empty shops are made to look cheery and it's only right that Brunel should be celebrated.

“Yes Swindon has great communication links but however well-meaning, that picture makes it look the one of the best things about Swindon is that you can get away from here really easily, which is hardly on point for promoting the town.”