Residents in one part of Swindon say their lives have been made a “misery” after a new neighbour moved into their street.

Neighbours say the woman moved into the road in Walcot in May and since then has made living in the area a “nightmare”.

They say they do not feel comfortable going outside at night because there are regularly people extremely drunk on the street, and are concerned for their safety.

One woman said that she has been in the area for years and never had problems like those she is experiencing now.

On one occasion when police attended the frightened resident’s home, the woman is said to have threatened to hit one neighbour with a baseball bat.

Meanwhile, on another occasion, she allegedly threatened to burgle a home, and in a third incident threated to break someone’s windows.

Other allegations made by neighbours include that they could hear loud sex noises in the middle of the day, which could also be heard by children, and that needles have been thrown out of the window of her flat.

Both Wiltshire Police and Swindon Borough Council say they are aware of the reports, and are investigating and working together to tackle the issues raised by neighbours.

One resident said: “I have kids and my main concern is their welfare.

“She has made our lives a misery, after 6 o’clock at night we stay inside.

“It was a quiet area before she moved here, it was quiet, it was safe.

“I have been here for years and we have never had any problems

“I cannot walk outside of my door without her abusing me.”

Meanwhile, another annoyed resident said she is frustrated and annoyed when the woman and her friends make loud noise late at night, as this wakes her children.

She told the Adver: “When she did move in, after a month it was a nightmare, fighting, shouting, swearing.”

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: "We are aware of allegations of anti-social behaviour in the area. We are still investigating these allegations and are working with partner agencies such as Swindon Borough Council.

“This includes collating CCTV and other evidence so we can take any necessary enforcement action.”

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “We are taking the concerns of local residents extremely seriously and are working closely with our partners in Wiltshire Police to deal with the issues of anti-social behaviour they are experiencing."