A disqualified motorist who sped onto a footpath and field while trying to flee from police has been jailed.

Kieran Wheeler, of Oakhurst in Swindon, will spend the next 12 months behind bars after being sentenced for eight offences at Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday.

Police said it was “extremely fortunate” that no-one was injured or killed by the 26-year-old’s reckless driving.

Roads policing officers first saw the defendant driving a black Mazda 3 with a defective headlight along Marlborough Road.

He then turned onto Day House Lane without indicating, so the police followed him and observed him swerving towards the verge, narrowly avoiding hitting the side of the road, and then coming to a stop.

At this point, the officers switched their car’s blue lights on, but Wheeler tried to reverse, spun his wheels, and then drove through a narrow gap in a nearby fence.

He sped off across a footpath and onto a field, where his Mazda became stuck. The driver ran off but was soon detained by the officers pursuing him.

Swindon Advertiser: Kieran WheelerKieran Wheeler (Image: Wiltshire Police)

He initially gave false details to the police but they arrested him after discovering that he had been driving while disqualified and without having any insurance.

While in custody, he failed to provide an evidential sample of blood for drug analysis.

In court, Wheeler admitted to failing to provide a specimen for analysis, driving whilst disqualified, driving without insurance, obstructing police, two counts of breaching a suspended sentence, and two counts of failing to stop for police.

Along with his prison sentence, he received a two-year driving ban along with an extension period of six months, and must pay £187 to fund victim services.

PC Luke Hobbs said: “Wheeler did everything in his power to evade police, driving off at speed despite officers requesting him to stop, running from police, and later giving false details and failing to provide samples.

“His standard of driving showed absolutely no regard for other road users or pedestrians.

"It is extremely fortunate that nobody was injured or worse killed as a result of Wheeler’s selfish and mindless actions.

"I’m pleased a custodial sentence has been given on this occasion.

"His actions could have had extremely serious consequences and it is only right that he must now serve a prison sentence as well as a lengthy driving ban.”