Swindon's top-rated escape room is getting ready to reopen in a new town centre space.

Co-Decode Live Escape Games has been tucked away in BSS House on Cheney Manor Industrial Estate for several years but will soon be welcoming intrepid puzzlers to a new site that they hope will be easier to access.

This Adver reporter tried out the Professor Dunstan room with former colleagues when the business opened in 2017 - but in June, the team in charge announced that they were preparing to move elsewhere.

That particular puzzle may not be transferred over, but others like Sub Terra and Crew will be continuing when the new premises on Morley Street are ready.

Swindon Advertiser: Co-Decode staff are preparing the new Swindon town centre premisesCo-Decode staff are preparing the new Swindon town centre premises (Image: Co-Decode Escape Room)

A spokesperson said: "While a lot of effort has been put into making Unit 35C an inviting and engaging space, we feel that the drawbacks of our location now outweigh the benefits.

"For example, even after being at BSS House for over five years, we are still welcoming local players who have only heard about us very recently.

"Our new location will be much more visible, so we’re hoping that 'We thought the first challenge was finding you!' will become a thing of the past .

"Moving is a massive step for any established business, but we think that the time is right and it will help us to continue to grow.

"We’re already looking forward to all the new opportunities for us and games/puzzles for you that this will lead to!"

Swindon Advertiser: The business is moving from Cheney Manor to Morley StreetThe business is moving from Cheney Manor to Morley Street (Image: Co-Decode Live Escape Games)

As well as having more space for puzzle rooms, the town centre location will also include toilet facilities, windows, and better air conditioning.

Since July, the Co-Decode team has been busy relocating as much of the Cheney Manor site as possible, returning their former unit to its original state, and renovating and redecorating the new building.

Swindon Advertiser: Co-Decode's new home is near the Granville Street car parkCo-Decode's new home is near the Granville Street car park (Image: Co-Decode Live Escape Games)

Earlier this month, they shared a sneak peek of what the space-themed escape room will look like and offered an insight into the immense effort it takes to set up such highly elaborate puzzle spaces.

During the move, staff are also reviewing the standard prices of the games they provide, which have remained the same throughout Covid and the current cost of living crisis while the business absorbs rising overhead costs.

But these costs are continuing to add up, so customers should expect a slight price increase when trading begins at the new premises.