A group of paranormal ghost hunters from London are getting ready to take over Marlborough’s oldest and 'most haunted' pub in a bid to uncover its supernatural past.

London-based group Past Souls Paranormal has set up a 'unique' event at the 'historic and haunted' Green Dragon pub in Marlborough.

The Green Dragon on Marlborough High Street sits in a Grade-II listed building dating back to the 17th century and is officially the oldest pub in the historic market town.

The inn itself is a piece of the town’s history and was rebuilt following a great fire that swept Marlborough in 1653, destroying most properties.

The pub accommodated many soldiers during World War Two, and rumour states that one young soldier fell from a first-floor bedroom window during the night, although this is not confirmed.

The 'haunted' pub is included on the National Heritage List for England, and tales of famous guests such as Charles Dickens staying at the inn are common throughout the town.

Now Past Souls Paranormal are getting ready to uncover a spooky past that is perhaps lesser known.

“Past Souls Paranormal are very honoured and grateful to be the first ghost hunting company to be asked to run a ghost hunt at this beautiful pub which is one of Marlborough’s oldest buildings and one of its most haunted,” said ghost hunt leader Kevin Phillips.

“So much ghostly activity has been reported in this building by staff and guests including doors opening and closing by themselves, loud footsteps in empty rooms, and disembodied voices have been heard.”

"We are also doing the town hall in Marlborough as well and hoping to maybe joining the two together for a night.

"We are looking forward to working together with the landlady and past souls, and hoping the people of Marlborough get some evidence that's there something after death."

More than 70 people have currently expressed interest in the eerie event planned for Mothering Sunday, with tickets costing £29.

The ghost hunt will run overnight from 9pm until 3am and those who dare join will receive complimentary buffet food, hot and cold drinks, the chance to use paranormal equipment and discounted rates to stay at the pub’s rooms.

"The kind of things we are going to be doing include table tipping, human pendulum ouija board (which all of my staff are trained on), Sls camera calling out, and having our other equipment out like cat balls k2 and spirit boxes," added Kevin.