Some of you may already know that I have been working at the Adver, over the past few weeks. I have been going in twice a week, whilst the little angels are at school.

So what's it like working at Swindon's newspaper offices? Well, it's been a real learning curve. I feel like I have learnt so much over the past few weeks but the good thing is there is tons more to learn! This pleases me immensely. Everybody there has been really friendly and always willing to answer any questions or help in any way they can. There are two people in the office that I love to listen to! Listening to them is educational as well as entertaining :)

I have been really excited about the latest project I have been working on and I need your help! I have been researching past events in the history of Swindon. Anything interesting or significant for example, the closing of the railway works the opening of the new hospital, the tram crash. What past memories do you have of our town? They can be recent or perhaps not so recent. I am also looking at national news that may be of interest. If anybody has any ideas please drop me a line. It's your Swindon....

Thank you to all at the Adver offices who have made me so welcome, especially Steph and Gill who are brill. It's fab to have the chance to work with you. Also thanks to Dave for agreeing to let me descend upon you all!